Getting Ready for Your Photo Shoot

Call for a free consultation.  We’ll make a short appointment. You can see the studio or environmental areas and we can discuss what your story is.   You’ll receive information on what you can expect, time to set up a hair and makeup artist if you’d like and plan any special ideas you may have.

Arrive 15 minutes early for your photo shoot appointment.  We never overlap or overbook the session time.  Your appointment is your time…it’s about you and only you.  Station House Photography is a full service portrait studio, not the school gym or cafeteria.  Everything we do is all about you!

  1. Stay away from stripes or patterns. Stripes make everything look larger than they are and everyone gets “lost” in patterns or wild floral.  Remember, this is about you and your story, not trends.
  1. Bring a number of clothing changes… try different looks, jewelry and shoes. You may love turquoise but if you have the same color on in every shot, you won’t get much variety.  I suggest at least three outfits for every hour booked.  Don’t buy new clothes for the shoot…you won’t feel comfortable in something that hasn’t “fit” to your body yet.  Also, bring everything on hangers, not stuffed in a bag.  If your clothing is wrinkled, you won’t be happy with the result…small touch ups can be done at the studio.  Put your jewelry in zip lock bags and put them with your outfits, it will save you time and help you when looking for the right piece to go with your outfits.
  1. Don’t get your hair cut or colored right before your appointment. Nothing is worse than have a bad cut or color and knowing your portrait session is the next day.  Give it a couple of days to relax so you feel totally confident in how awesome you look!  Please bring whatever hair styling and makeup products you will need unless you are using the makeup artist from the studio.
  1. Glasses glare….it’s a fact of life. Even the best anti-reflective lenses can put glare in your eyes.  If you’re not sure, stop by your optometrist to see if you can borrow a pair without lenses just for the shoot.
  1. Props are part of who you are! Are you a business person needing those important portraits for business cards, LinkedIn or other media? Are you a high school senior on the basketball team with jerseys and equipment? Are you the bridal couple with a pet? Bring them all because we want to make the best storytelling portrait about you.

We love your pets!  We can accommodate most pets and are excited when you bring your “family” member.  But we have a strict policy of well-mannered animals only… that means no aggressiveness or biting.  Sometimes pets are more comfortable in their home surroundings; please feel free to book the time for an on-location session where the animal is happiest.