Tucker Duck has decided to share his insights from working as a studio manager…once he figures out WordPress, we are all doomed!

Tucker The Duck

Q Tucker Duck

Q Tucker Duck is a Call duck hatched in Ohio and hand chosen to be taken care of and pampered by his quirky human…who he lovingly calls Gena or DH (dear human). QT Duck is a well traveled waterfowl having lived in Minnesota during the summers and traveling back during the winters…brrr, so cold…..but by chauffeur only, never by flying coach with the rest of the mundane waterfowl. In his spare time, he enjoys ice cubes, ESPN, warm bathes and riding around in his “car seat”, traveling the US in style! He shares his nesting box with 2 humans and a rather talkative parrot, the DH calls “Boudreaux” who has a very nasty mouth. He gets that from the other human in the nesting box. He deigns to come into the studio, when his time allows to ensure his DH is running his studio properly and to give duck lip kisses to all his adoring fans!

From the desk of Q Tucker Duck,
Office manager, Gena Tussey Station House Photography

You know, I run Station House Photography for my human, Gena Tussey. Well, let me re-state this, I greet people, offer them a chair, chat with them and sometimes, I offer to share my snacks and water. Personally, I’m a very social duck, unlike those “peasants” that live in the park behind the studio. They don’t have a human to serve their every need, a couch to watch tv from and warm bathes every day…plus how many of them have been interviewed by the Maryville Daily Times newspaper about the business of photography and the single, most important role of “being so dang cute”?

My human, has the most interesting studio…it’s huge! Keep in mind, I’m only about 8 inches tall but it’s still huge! She has all sorts of toys she and the other humans play with…chairs, tables, my couch…she calls them props. She has so many “rooms” inside the big room…I don’t understand what all this is but Gena says it’s important to give clients choices. Apparently, others don’t like choices…I don’t understand that. I do know she’s won a lot of awards for her photography, she has all these cool clicking boxes and flashy things. There are pieces of paper called “port rates” she does of humans and their furry things Gena calls “pets”…. How odd, these animals are so excited about pleasing their humans and my human too…..this bothers me, as she acts like she loves these pets too by the way she plays with them. But once she’s finished with them, she comes back to play with and tell me she loves me too, so her capacity to love is very large…she told me, humans love their pets and want to have “port rates” of them too. I think that is exemplary behavior as pets are the ones who do all the work in a family. They clean the floors, wash windows with their tongues and noses, lick the dishes clean, keep the humans feet warm in the winter, bark at all noises of the huge monsters that hide in the bushes and might bother their humans, warn them of all noises that” e-merg-en-see” thing-y’s make and many more human saving things. They deserve to have a throne in the human’s nesting box.

My human works long hours….mumbles behind the box she calls a “pooter” and for some reason, pulls at her feathers while she “edits”….. I think she enjoys this behavior as she often yells “yeah!, that’s what I’m talking about” and does little dances much like my people’s happy dance. But when other humans come in, they receive pieces of paper from my human, they do the same dance….must be some ritua,l mutual happiness dance. I love it when my human has other humans dance with her as I get picked up and asked to dance as well!

So my deductions are, my human puts a box to her face, makes a clicking noise with it and a bright flash happens….she sits behind “pooter”, mumbles, dances and the other humans dance with her after…hmmmm…so if my human and other humans dance together, them it must be a very good thing……

Come, make my human dance!

Q Tucker Duck