Tucker Duck

all about that bass

From the desk of Q Tucker Duck

Manager Extraordinaire, Station House Photography

Just a few days ago, my wonderful friends Shanna Hinchey Norris and Lianna Mitchell came to visit me at my humans studio.  They were of course, very happy to see me and well…being a dude, I love having the ladies around!  The more hens the merrier!

Other new ladies started coming in and flirting with me (I have something that all the ladies love,…face it fellows, I’m stinking adorable!)  They were all talking and showing each other their clothing when one walked in wearing something that looked like a bikini…Oh boy!!  We’re going  to the swimming pool…awesome!  I can show the ladies my mad swimming skills and work on my tan! But then Shanna started putting something on the girls called “cos-medics”…Huh?…we’re not going to the pool?

Now you all know I love the ladies, short, tall, curvy, willowy and everything in between, after all all the hens in my harem are low to the ground and rather robust in the front and from behind and well, “I’m all about that bass”!  They had cos-medics on, cute swimmy suits and seemed to be having so much fun while my human put the “clicky” box to her face.

But what all those hens had in common, they were already beautiful and well, if ducks could whistle….!  Gena says ladies need to appreciate how  beautiful and empowered they are, so that’s why she started a whole new line for her photography.  She calls it “Sensual Stories” and with Shanna and Lianna’s help, she reminds women to feel more beautiful and confident about who they are instead of what society says they should be.  So ladies, if you are looking for a handsome duck to visit and want to look like and feel like a million quacks, make an appointment with my human at Station House Photography.

Because I’m all about that bass

Q Tucker Duck