From the Desk of Q Tucker Duck

My human did a great job…..I’m so proud of her I could crow….if I was a chicken…but I’m not…..

Through the Professional Photographers of America International Photographic Competition, held this year in the Atlanta area, I earned more than enough merits to receive not only my Master of Photography Degree but also the 2015 Bronze Award for Photography by meriting all four of my images in the General Collection. If all goes to plan, I will walk across the stage and receive these honors in January 2016 at the Imaging USA Awards ceremony, in Atlanta.

Master of Photography DegreeMaster of Photography (M.Photog.)
Awarded for superior photographic skills—demonstrated through the PPA International Photographic Competition, advanced education and service to the industry.




When you "seal" all 4 images in a competition.

When you “seal” all 4 images in a competition.

Bronze Photography Award







My most sincere thanks and heartfelt love to a few of the folks that helped to get me where I am….Arthur Levi Rainville, for believing in me when others didn’t and being my best friend in the sandbox, Dan Kasallis, for being my brother from another mother, my mom Olive Davis, Terry Davis, you were the best brother and I miss you so much, thank you for believing in my quirkiness, my husband Dan Tussey, for putting up with all my late nights behind the computer screen and weird trips all over the world, “just because” I needed to experience life, Nancy Emmerich , the angel of loving encouragement, Donald Emmerich for making my head explode with knowledge, a great deal of other PPA grand poo-bahs (for lack of better terminology) who taught, pushed and set the bar so high. My thanks to the PPA, PPETN friends and fellow competition entrants. We all only grow our craft and knowledge by helping each other grow and learn!