Services to Tell Your Story

Station House Photography offers a wide variety of photography services.  We sit down with each of our customers and create a custom experience. Photography is about telling your individual story.  Whether we are doing shoots in the studio, on location or at and event, we’ll make sure your story shines though.

Click on any of the images below to view the gallery and see some examples of the results we deliver.

Getting Ready for a Photo Shoot

Learn how to make the most out of your trip to the studio


Home, farm, zoo or wild images of animals either in studio or on location.


Photography for the whole family. Don’t forget to bring your pets, kids and grandparents. We can also work business families too!

Fine Art

Fine Art

Photography submitted for competition. These pieces are available to purchase for your home or office. Art is usually created in the artist’s visualization.


Portraits or documentary images of individuals in a person different than their everyday selves. Promotional pieces, advertising, actors or costumes creating a marketing persona.

Photograph Restoration


Whether it’s colorizing old black and white photos, restoring damaged images, or adding new life to a family heirloom, our photograph restoration services can make what’s old new again.


You just won the game, now look like the hero. We offer portraits of teams, groups or individuals. We can photograph game action, posed work and composite portraits for artwork.


Just like portraits but for the little ones. They stay cute forever, but they don’t stay small forever. Great for family albums, cards, invitations or just to have some fun. We love creating fun environments for kids. Child Portraits are typically for kids under 16 years old.


How many companies use the same clip art?  Don’t let that be you. Stand out and make an impression.  We can do anything from employee profile photos, product art, real estate or special events.  When it needs to look it’s best, we’ve got you covered.


Portraits of people in posed or semi-casual environments. These portraits explore your unique personality. We can create everything from classic to exciting images. Let your imagination run free. We can create childhood images, school photos, senior photos, business profiles, and more.


The travel gallery features travel or documentary style “National Geographic” images. Bring these faraway places home. Travel photography is a perfect addition to your home or office décor. They can also be used for magazines, travel brochures and so much more.


Sports, festivals, services, weddings, shows and so much more.  Your events are special and they only happen once.


Make new Holiday memories.  Christmas pet portraits are fast becoming a must-have gift for the family.  Start early this year and you’ll be the talk of the Christmast card town.

Modeling Portfolio

We create portraits used by models and actors for personal work portfolios, consisting of fashion, editorial and beauty shots.

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