We have the coolest folks come into the studio!

Last weekend, I met Ruby and Jiggs with their humans Trey and Shelby Walker….it seems Ruby isn’t feeling well and her family wanted to make sure they all had family portraits made.  I don’t think Ruby was too enthused about have her portraits made at first 










but she settled into the role like an old pro.













 Jiggs, I think would like to be a catalog moor-elsehobodel as he worked the camera like a superstar.







I spoke to Ruby for a few minutes about her not feeling well, and she said she was sad because she was going to leave her family soon and didn’t want them to be sad.  I was going to ask where she was going until it dawned on my what she meant….my dear new friend was near crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  But for today, she felt good and wanted to enjoy her time with her family.family-1








My human, Gena, did all sorts of fun poses, silly shots and family scenes so that Ruby would be able to give her family wonderful portraits to cherish forever.

And while I am sad that Ruby will leave us, it only makes me appreciate the fact my human photographs me often…sometimes with embarrassing footwear but I know it’s because she loves me and I will always live on forever as long as she loves me enough to print my portraits and add them to the family album……











Just like Ruby and Jiggs, dear humans do.

It’s not ever too late…schedule an appointment with Gena at Station House Photography, to make family memories that last forever!


Love you Walker Family!!

Q Tucker Duck

Studio Manager, Station House Photography